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M&G 2020 Donors

M&G gratefully acknowledges the gifts and grants for 2020. These funds were used to support our new building project, an endowment for long-term sustainability, and our operations and outreach programs into the community through Arts Encounter, exhibitions, and special events for children and adults.  This list reflects donors for the calendar year of 2020.

Dean Anderson

Gary and Yvonne Arrowood

Daniel Beach

Bill and Connie Timmons Foundation


Glenn and Joyce Bridges

Judy Coleman

Bill and Leslie Fricke

Eric and Deedee Groves

Robert E. Howard

Jon and Barbara Jones

Bob and Priscilla Jones

Steve and Cathy Lawton

Karen Schillinger

Adrienne and Jack Stout

Dennis Tavernetti


Wayne and Peg Wright



Hans and Laura Antonsen

Jerry Dempsey Revocable Inter Vivos Trust

Donnalynn Hess

Bob Jones III

Karen Jones

The Beverley and Jim Whitten Charitable Endowment Fund

Wayne and Peg Wright



Scott and Kathy Hoster

John Roberts



Best Family Fund

Karen Jones

Philp and Judy Temple



Robert B. Lee and Ruth K. Lee Foundation

Peabody Foundation

Drake Law Firm LLC

Rankin’s Gift

Gene Banks

Kathryn Bell

Sharon Berbin

Bud Bierman

Josephine Brasells

Nancy and Mike Brinsko

Carol Brown through Nordstrom

Shelba Buchanan

David and Vivian Camp

Steve and Cindy Chandler

Janice Churdar

Andrew and Patricia Clark

Charlene Comer

Rita Covalt

Keith and Jennie DeFreitas

Harold and Joan Dickey

Teddy Dills

Betty-Lou and Peter Ferris

William and Martha Goodman


Scott and Kathy Hoster

Jodie and James Hyatt

Erin R. Jones

Butch and Joy Jordan

Richard Malnati

Brian and Ellen Maloney

Joan and Jurgen Matthia

Debi and Daniel Osbourne

Tom Passingham

Alec Patrick

Bob and Linda Pearson

Anita Pleasants

Cynthia Poe

Susan Quindag

Earl and Jeannie Robinson

Ray and Sherri Rodman

Paul and Sandy Scarpa

Shelby Simmons

Jay and Pam

Shawnna and Daniel Smith

Philip and Marilyn Smith

Judy and Philip Temple

Hans VanderKnyff


Deborah Wessells through Wells Fargo Fnd. Educational Matching Gift Program

Laura Whitney





David and Velvet Baker

Gene Banks

Michal and Franklin Barrett

Peter and Barbara Baum

The Bixby Family Fund

Jay Bopp

Joyce Bridges

Terry and Judy Browneller

Edward and Linda Carhart

Hugh Chapman

Judy Coleman

Richard and Nancy Cooley

Craig, Gaulden & Davis, Inc

William and Marion Crawford

Denby and Lee Davenport

Christine M. Dewey

Joe Elmer

Betty Fagge

Sandra Fallon

Meredith Fallon

Leanne and Dick Fallon

Jim Gaines

Jerry and Cheryl Gohs

Stu and Linda Good

Greenville County CARES Act

Stacie Hartranft

Anonymous Foundation

Rod and Ella Helder


Todd and Christina Hermetz

Scott and Kathy Hoster

Robert E. Howard

Wendell and Linda Hyink

Beverly Ingram

Ken and Janet Johnson through Pacific Life Foundation

Mark and Sherrie Johnson

Stephen and Heather Johnston

Erin R. Jones


Billy and Judy Lanier

Bryan and Rebecca Larsen

Steve and Cathy Lawton


Ken and Ruth Lingle

Nate & Susan Lipscomb Charitable Gift Fund

Jonathan Lopez

Chuck Loving

Carol and George Mackey


Ken and Jennifer Matesevac

Al and Karen McClaran


Kristin Milligan

Jerry Morris

Joanna Mulfinger

Jake and Kathy Ohlinger

Bob and Lois Oldenburg

Kara Oliver

Edward and Betty Panosian

Tom Passingham

Jane Patrick

Jerry and Delores Peace

Bob and Linda Pearson

Ina Pegram

Joanie Pegram

Greg Peters

Laurel A. Petersen

Anonymous through PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Jerry and Robin Rexroad

RICAZE Foundation

Roxane Robinson

Karen Schillinger

Rosemary Shire

Royce and Anne Short

Wayne and Brenda Sorrow

Jon and Lisa Sparkman


Linda and Ray St. John

Sally and David Sweatt Fund

Sid and Linda Tate


Lind and David Vickery

Lee and Sarah Walton

Guy and Nancy Watkins


Ruth Whitaker

Polly and Bob Whitmore

Gene and Jean Williams




Bert and Lauren Arrowood Charitable Gift Fund



Rick and Suzanne Altizer

Hans and Laura Antonsen

Bert and Lauren Arrowood

Gary and Yvonne Arrowood

Bo and Judith Aughtry

David and Velvet Baker

Gene Banks

Peter Baum

Donald Best

Ken and Clara Bixby

Glenn and Joyce Bridges

David Buch

James Carter

Hugh Chapman

Beverly Chivers

Charlene Comer

William and Marion Crawford

Opal Crymble

Charles and Grace Curry

Lillian Darby

David and Donna Dersch

Janice Diehl

Sylvia Everett

Betty Fagge

Kay Foster

Camilo and Jessica Franco

Joseph and Martha Franks

William and Leslie Fricke

LeRoy and Carrie Gordon

Norman and Barbara Gould

Lynn and Flavia Harton

Scott and Kathy Hoster

Bob and Beverly Howard

Phil and Lauren Hughes

Kenneth and Karen Iverson

Gail Jacobo

Fernando and Francine Jara

Ken and Janet Johnson

Bob and Karen Jones

Stephen and Erin Jones

Bryan and Rebecca Larsen

Marcus and Nicole Laughter

Sam and Tricia Lewis

Linda Lowery

Alver Maheras

Faith Mattox

Rebecca McCloud

Willis and Joanne Meadows

Gene and Bonnie Merkle

Rich and Clare Meyer

James and Martha Nance

Nelson and Debi Neal

Marshall and Susan Neal

Mark and Kara Oliver

Jane Patrick

David and Sonia Pavluk

Greg Peters

Andrea Pisarcik

Jeremy Rankin

Jerry and Robin Rexroad

Ronnie and Sharon Rodkey

Ray and Sherri Rodman

Linda St. John

Karen Schillinger

John and Nancy Shelley

Bruce and Sandra Spradlin

Tim and Darcy Stanley

David and Mary Swain

Corban and Susanna Tabler

Sid and Linda Tate

Philip and Judy Temple

Rick and Pat Timmons

Hans VanderKnyff

Mary Vassar

Guy and Nancy Watkins

Jeremy Watts

Romana White

Beverly Whitten

Roger Wolters

James and Judith Woodward

Wayne and Peg Wright

Christopher Zydowicz




Lillian Bean

Tom Butts

Ruth Christy

Charles Flesher

Roger and Carole Frederick

Barbara Lewis

Kathleen Peters

Gerry Poster

Karen Rowe 

Billy and Janet Scarlett

Elmer Swanson

Wayne and Margaret Wright

Kenneth Yoder



Dean Anderson in Memory of Shirley Anderson

Gary and Yvonne Arrowood in Memory of Gary Herd

Bud Bierman in Memory of Joyce Bierman and Kimberly Bierman

Judy Coleman in Memory of Shirley Anderson

Craig, Gaulden & Davis, Inc. in Honor of Erin Jones

Teddy Dills in Memory of Phyllis Dills

Drake Law Firm LLC in Memory of Nancy Stephenson

Leanne and Dick Fallon in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Meredith Fallon in Honor of her 30th birthday

Sandra and Edward Fallon in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Cheryl and Jerry Gohs in Honor of Steve and Cathy Lawton

William and Martha Goodman in Honor of James Price

DeeDee and Eric Groves in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Christina and Todd Hermetz in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Donnalynn Hess in Memory of Beneth Jones

Scott and Kathy Hoster in Memory of Bob Jones Jr.

Jodie and James Hyatt in Memory of Bob Jones Jr.

Beverly Ingram in Honor of my 7 godchildren

Mark and Sherrie Johnson in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Stephen and Erin Jones in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Erin R. Jones in Memory of Beneth Jones

Butch and Joy Jordan in Memory of Bob Jones Jr. and Fannie May Jones

Carol and George Mackey in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Richard Malnati in Memory of Joseph Greene

Ken and Jennifer Matesevac in Memory of Shirley Box

Jerry Morris in Honor of St Paul’s Church

Kara Oliver in Memory of John and Cathryn Ayres

Ina Pegram in Memory of Dennis Pegram

Joanie Pegram in Honor of Ina Pegram and in Memory of Dennis Pegram

Laurel Petersen in Memory of William Petersen

RICAZE Foundation in Memory of Adelle Ziemer

James and Jeannie Robinson in Memory of J. and Virginia Robinson

Roxane Robinson in Memory of Beneth Jones

Jon and Lisa Sparkman in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Dennis Tavernetti in Honor of Mae Tavernetti

Lee and Sarah Walton in Memory of Gilbert and Lorraine Misner

Polly and Bob Whitmore in Honor of Meredith Fallon

Anonymous in Memory of Mary Wolters

The Beverley and Jim Whitten Charitable Endowment Fund in Memory of Jim Whitten and in Honor of Erin Jones



Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of each list; however, if we have made an error or omitted information, please accept our apology and let us know of any corrections by contacting the Collections and Engagement Coordinator at (864) 770-1331.