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M&G 2021 Donors

M&G gratefully acknowledges the gifts and grants for 2021. These funds were used to support our new building project, an endowment for long-term sustainability, and our operations and outreach programs into the community through Arts Encounter, exhibitions, and special events for children and adults.  This list reflects donors for the calendar year of 2021.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anderson matched by the Baird Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arrowood

Aughtry Family Foundation Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bridges

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chivers

Mr. and Mrs. George Farquhar

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Harding

Mary Hixson

Robert Howard

Jonathan Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. Shane McMullin

Mr. and Mrs. David McQuaid

Karen Schillinger

Anonymous Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wright



Mr. and Mrs. Hans Antonsen

Century Properties of Piedmont

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Creswell

Dersch Family Foundation Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Hale

Donnalynn Hess

Dr. Bob Jones III

Karen Jones

L & K Homes LLC

Mr. and Mrs. David Pavluk

The Beverley and Jim Whitten Charitable Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilder



Michal Barrett

Jo Brasells

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bridges

Janice Butler

Mr. and Mrs. William Clarke

Denby Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. Keith DeFreitas

Gordon Greer

Joan W. Kirchoff

Becky McCloud

Lynne Newton

Renee Parsons

Tom Passingham

Gerry Roads

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sinnett

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Smith

Adrienne Stout


John Tripoli

Peabody Foundation

The Jay and Julie Link Giving Fund








Anonymous Foundation

Anonymous Foundation

Bert and Lauren Arrowood Charitable Gift Fund

Nancy Bailey

David and Velvet Baker

Eugene Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Baum

Best Family Fund

The Bixby Family Fund

Joan Bosworth

Sara Bowden

Dr. Edgar P. Bowron

Joyce Bridges

Shelba Buchanan

Hugh Chapman

Thomas Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chest

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Clark

Judy Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cooley

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Cunningham

Ann Eastland

Kimberly J. Delaney

Christine Dewey

Eric’s Custom Framing Inc

Sylvia Everett

Face2Face Improv, Inc.

Betty Fagge

Mr. and Mrs. George Farquhar

Mr. and Mrs. Harley Feltman

Mr. and Mrs. George Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Franco

Miller Gaffney Art Advisory

John Witherspoon Gilpin Giving Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gohs

Mr. and Mrs. William Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hall

Stacie Hartranft

Joan Heiple

Mr. and Mrs. Al Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hoster

Sylvia Huffman

Jodie Hyatt

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hyink

Sara Jewell-Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Johnson matched by Pacific Life Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Johnston

Charlie Jones

Erin Jones

Wilma Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jordan

Mary Ann Kaspar

Mr. and Mrs. Chris King

Mr. and Mrs. Terry King

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lanier

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lawton

LEB Glass Studio LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lingle

Linda Lowrey

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Maloney

Mr. and Mrs Terry Martin

Mr. and Mrs Ken Matesevac

Randolph Mathena

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce McAllister

Melodee McDaniel

Catharine McGee and William deBerniere Mebane Charities

Kristin Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Morin

Joanna Mulfinger

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Neal

Todd Page

Mr. and Mrs. John Parker

Alexander Patrick

Jane Patrick

Rita Patz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pearson

Joanie Pegram

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Pennington

Greg Peters

Laurel A. Petersen

John Polo

Scott Powell matched by Raytheon Technologies

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rexroad

Bill Reynolds

RICAZE Foundation

Linda St. John

Seale Family Foundation

Karen Schillinger

Rosemary Shire

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Snyder

John Sowell

State of South Carolina

Mr. and Mrs. Bob  Stoner

Cardy Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Temple

Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Toms

Townsend Art Advisory LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Vaughan

Lind Vickery

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Waits

Peter Waldschmidt matched by Microsoft

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Watkins

Nancy Webb Watson Irrevocable Trust

Ruth Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Wipf

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Williams

Judith M. Woodward



Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Altizer

Cpt. and Mrs. Hans H. Antonsen

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arrowood

Mr. and Mrs. Bert R. Arrowood

Mr. Bo Aughtry

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Baker

Mr. Eugene A. Banks

Mr. Peter A. Baum

Mr. Donald A. Best

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Bixby

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bridges

Mr. David S. Buch

Mrs. Janice Butler

Mr. James T. Carter

Mr. Hugh N. Chapman

Mrs. Beverly Chivers

Mrs. Charlene Comer

Mrs. Rita Covalt

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Crawford

Ms. Alice J. Cromley

Mrs. Opal Crymble

Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Curry

Mrs. Lillian C. Darby

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Dersch

Miss Janice Diehl

Mrs. Sylvia Everett

Ms. Betty Fagge

Mrs. Kathleen H. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Camilo J. Franco

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Franks III

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fricke

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Gordon

Mr. Norman P. Gould

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Harton

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Hoster

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Hughes

Admiral and Mrs. Kenneth J. Iverson

Ms. Gail Jacobo

Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Jara

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jones

Dr. and Dr. Bob Jones III

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Larsen


Mr. and Mrs. Marcus S. Laughter

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Lewis

Ms. Linda Lowrey

Mrs. Alver Maheras

Dr. James Mann

Ms. Faith Mattox

Dr. John Matzko

Ms. Rebecca McCloud

Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Meadows

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Merkle

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Nance

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall P. Neal III

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Oliver

Mrs. Cynthia Oliver

Ms. Jane Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. David Pavluk

Mr. and Mrs. Greg A Peters

Mrs. Andrea Pisarcik

Mr. Jeremy P. Rankin

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Raw

Mr. and Mrs. Jerold L. Rexroad

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie C. Rodkey

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Rodman

Ms. Karen Schillinger

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Shelley

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Spradlin

Mrs. Linda St. John

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Swain

Mr. and Mrs. Corban H. Tabler Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney B. Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Temple

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Timmons III

Mr. Johannes VanderKnyff

Ms. Mary Vassar

Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Watkins

Mr. Jeremy L. Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wheeler

Mrs. Ramona White

Mrs. Beverley Whitten

Mr. Roger Wolters

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Wright

Mr. Christopher Zydowicz


Lillian Bean

Tom Butts

Ruth Christy

Charles Flesher

Roger and Carole Frederick

Barbara Lewis

Kathleen Peters

Gerry Poster

Karen Rowe 

Billy and Janet Scarlett

Elmer Swanson

Wayne and Margaret Wright

Kenneth Yoder



Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arrowood In Memory of Grady Herd and In Honor of Barbara Sicko and Lynn and James Wingrove

Shelba Buchanan In Memory of Roger Buchanan

William and Jean Clarke In Memory of Jane Clarke

Ann Eastland In Memory of Jesse and Louise Helms

Joe and Doris Elmer In Memory of Marilyn Elmer

Betty Fagge In Memory of Eileen Urda

Jerry and Cheryl Gohs In Honor of Stephen and Cathy Lawton

William Goodman, Jr. and Martha Goodman In Honor of William Goodman

Gordon Greer In Memory of Bob Jones, Jr. and Fannie May Jones

Joe and Lana Lee Helm In Memory of John McLario

Donnalynn Hess In Memory of Beneth Jones

Al and Hollly Hodges In Memory of Edward Panosian

Jodie Hyatt In Memory of James Hyatt

Stephen and Heather Johnston In Memory of Eric Johnston

Charlie Jones In Memory of Charles and Frances Jones

Erin R. Jones In Memory of Beneth Jones

Butch and Joy Jordan In Memory of   Bob Jones, Jr. and Fannie May Jones

Mary Kaspar In Memory of James Kaspar

Becky McCloud  In Memory of Marion and Ruby McCloud

Craig and Chickie Olsen In Memory of Bob Jones, Jr.

John and Becky Parker In Memory of Marjorie Parker

Renee Parsons In Memory of Bill Parsons

Ina Pegram In Memory of Dennis Pegram

Laurel Petersen In Memory of William Petersen

James and Gerry Roads In Memory of Iris Jackson

Ray and Linda St. John In Memory of Ronald Horton and Edward Panosian

Cardy Sullivan In Memory of Robert Sullivan

Arvin and Patricia Vaughan In Honor of Jesus Christ and His Blessings

Guy and Nancy Watkins In Memory of Carey and Mucie Watkins

Amos and Celia Wipf In Memory of Leslie Dixon and Joyce Wipf

The Beverley and Jim Whitten Charitable Endowment Fund In Honor of Erin Jones and In Memory of James Whitten

Anonymous Donor In Honor of Stephen Jones



Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of each list; however, if we have made an error or omitted information, please accept our apology and let us know of any corrections by contacting the Collections and Engagement Coordinator at (864) 770-1331.