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Think On These Things

Due to COVID-19, our regular routines and social interactions have been disrupted. However, in the face of change and the unknown, what our minds dwell on becomes critical. While beauty has always mattered in our lives, perhaps it shows itself all the more valuable and significant in a crisis. Pause to reflect on a few, beautiful images and ideas represented in M&G’s Collection—things worthy of our thinking.

In this compelling composition Cristoforo Scacco uses traditional iconography to highlight God the Father’s creativity and sovereignty.  

Simon Vouet’s richly colored canvas beautifully captures “the sweet psalmist of Israel” in a moment of praise.

This tender, graceful work by Benjamin West is one of a special series of paintings commissioned by King George III to decorate a chapel at Windsor Castle.

Mary Magdalene is one of the most intriguing figures in Scripture, and her life story is as apropos today as it was when it was first recorded in Scripture.

Although an ancient text, the message in the book of Job resonates as powerfully today as it did centuries ago.

French Baroque painter, Jean Baptiste Jouvenet, enjoyed a remarkable career—not just because of his talent, education, and opportunities, but also because of his tenacity. This remarkable work is a testament to all the painter’s personal qualities.

Dutch artist Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem’s scene is a beautiful reminder of  Christ’s messianic mission–to open the eyes of the blind.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo is known for his warm, compelling portraits of children. In this work, he combines that warmth with Christian symbols and in so doing, he creates a portrait that highlights not only Christ’s innocence but also His sovereignty.

Christ Blessing is an intriguing 19th century image on the sovereignty of the risen Christ.

This powerful image of our resurrected Lord is not only beautifully rendered but also replete with intriguing iconography.

In this early 14th century work, Francesco di Vannuccio creates an anguished–yet tender–image of the crucified Christ.

This compelling image by Albrecht Bouts is a study in contrasts. Here is profound suffering and utter calm, unbearable  agony and triumphant love.

The supper is the last intimate meal Christ will have with his disciples, and Cernotto beautifully captures the familiarity of the scene.

Just days before His crucifixion, Christ enters Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover and is greeted by throngs of admirers. Turchi vividly captures this triumphant moment.

Colijin de Coter creates an exquisite, powerful image to highlight the wonder of the gospel.

 While the lives of real people are incredibly inspiring, so are stories with a poignant purpose, like this well-known parable.

Although much is written about the Apostle Paul, little is known of the courageous prophet who, at the Lord’s command, restored Paul’s sight.

Christ’s conversation with the Samaritan woman reveals our Lord’s compassion for those on the “fringe of society.” Bloemaert’s rendering captures not only the compassion but also the reverence of the scene.

St. Paul, known as the Apostle to the Gentiles, was a passionate personality whose ardent zeal is well documented in Scripture. It is also beautifully captured in the nuances of this Mannerist work.