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ArtBreak 2022-2023: Lunch & Lecture Program


ArtBreak: Art Through the Ages

For far more than art appreciation, come deepen your existing knowledge of history and discover the inextricable link between art and message—a reflection of and influence on their times and our own. Referencing works around the world and in our own Collection, M&G’s Director of Education, Donnalynn Hess and Executive Director, Erin Jones offer a memorable and engaging journey of art through the ages.

Dates: 1st Thursdays at Noon, during academic year

Location: The Davis Room, Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common on the campus of Bob Jones University

Parking: reserved spaces will be available in M&G’s parking lot.

Note: Lunch orders must be complete by Noon on the Thursday, a week prior to each scheduled ArtBreak. Rather than box lunches, Aramark Catering will provide a Deli Bar with the following spread: sliced oven-roasted turkey, roasted beef, and ham, and tuna; a cheese and relish tray; a variety of baked breads and rolls, two green salads, chips, assorted cookies, and beverages.


  • Member without lunch: FREE
  • Member with lunch: $15.00
  • Non-member without lunch:  $6.00
  • Non-member with lunch:  $17.00

Register: Click on the dates below to register.

February 2: Dramatic Realism: The Baroque Period

To cover the incredibly diverse and busy Baroque era from the 17th century with its bevy of influencers and talent in nearly every field of study, M&G will host ArtBreak  at First Presbyterian Church, downtown Greenville, where M&G’s Baroque exhibition is planned to open in 2023. Box lunches will be provided.

For lunch: Register through Monday, January 30


March 2: The Restrained and Exuberant: Neo-Classical and Rococo Movements

The 18th-century world broadens with colonization and revolutions, and the art of the times reflects the period’s order and chaos. Key personalities include George III, George Washington, William Wilberforce, Katherine the Great, Maximilian Robespierre, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

For lunch: Register by Noon on Thursday, February 23


April 6: Art as “Idea”:  The Romantic, Pre-Raphaelite, and Realist Painters

This final season of 18th-19th centuries is named after the most influential world leader of the time, Queen Victoria. The era is not unlike the creative expansion in thought and art during the Italian Renaissance. However, the Industrial Revolution sparked responses to poverty, social ills, and injustices. Art became a vital platform for messages—the foundation of modern art.

For lunch: Register by Noon on Thursday, March 30