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M&G’s Mission: Transforming Lives through Fine Art

M&G Mission

Through its collection of sacred art, the Museum & Gallery exists to promote the appreciation, understanding, and preservation of quality fine art that reflects universal and scriptural truths based on God’s Word and works. The  Museum & Gallery extends its collection into communities at home and abroad through its educational and cultural outreaches that enrich the whole man—mind, heart, and soul.

Adopted by the Museum & Gallery Board of Trustees, July 2003

M&G Educational Mission

Through tours, events, and publications, the Museum & Gallery seeks to partner with educators in fulfilling all of the National Visual Arts Content Standards. By integrating art into the core curriculum, students learn to value the arts, to communicate through the arts, and to become creative problem solvers. M&G’s individual STEAM lessons and fully-developed unit plans are designed to help students better understand history and culture in light of the arts, to improve their literary interest and understanding through visual storytelling, to hone their aesthetic perceptions and to enrich their analytical skills. Through this mission, M&G is privileged to inspire educators in the task of developing a community of citizens who have the ability to think, feel, and understand the world in which they live.