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Artemisia Gentileschi’s Master Studio

For centuries, artists learned their craft from a teacher. To become a master painter, a pupil was required to study within a workshop or apprenticeship, like Artemisia Gentileschi in her father’s workshop. 

The following young apprentices completed their painting challenge this fall:

Apprentice: Eliza Cunningham

Grade level: 1st grade

Comments: The beautiful texture and brushstrokes in the background successfully capture the essence of clouds in the sky. Neutrals make for an excellent color scheme as well. Great choice!


Apprentice: Evelyn Simonini

Grade level: 1st grade

Comments: Great show of fine-motor skills in control of the paint! The bright colors successfully catch the viewers eye, as well.


Apprentice: Clemence Waggoner

Grade level: 2nd grade

Comments: Making the bird yellow with red polka-dots was a creative use of pattern. The invented texture in the background also adds some visual interest. Using teal for the bread and the background also implements excellent use of complimentary colors. Well done!