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Christmas-Themed Works of Art in the Collection

Enjoy this focused selection of short video clips and audio stops featuring M&G paintings depicting the Christmas story.

The Presentation of Christ in the Temple
Picture Books of the Past: Pieter Fransz. de Grebber
Juan Sanchez, the Younger
Picture Books of the Past: Carlo Dolci
Scenes from the Life of Christ
Jan Boeckhorst: Adoration of the Magi
St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker
Domenico Fiasella: The Flight into Egypt
Two Angels with Banner
Francesco Granacci: Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, called Sandro Botticelli (and studio): Madonna and Child with an Angel
Jan Swart van Groningen: Nativity Triptych
Jan Gossaert: The Madonna of the Fireplace
Carlo Francesco Nuvolone
Master of the Borghese Tondo
Johann Friedrich Overbeck
Frans Francken, the Younger



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