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Life and Legacy of Bob Jones, Jr.

This documentary, titled “The Life and Legacy of Dr Bob Jones Jr.,” recounts the life of Bob Jones Univerisity’s second president, a unique, multi-faceted man with a variety of interests and skills.

The film opens in Dr. Bob Jr.’s office, which was left intact for several years after his death. The ornate art and décor of his office is a reflection of his love for the cultural arts, something he transferred to the University as a whole. Today, the University has a cinema program, a spring opera production and the world-renowned Museum & Gallery because of his artistic vision.

Dr. Bob Jr. became president in 1947. He designed the layout of the present campus and was involved in the academic restructuring to transition Bob Jones College into a university. Most importantly, Dr. Bob continued in the footsteps of his father as a preacher of the Gospel. Although today’s University student body will never have the chance to meet him on this earth, they are reaping the benefits of his many contributions to the school.