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History of Living Gallery

Have you ever seen a work of art that looked so real that the characters almost seem to breathe? In the Living Gallery this is no longer just your imagination—the people in the larger-than-life paintings, sculptures and stained glass are real.

The Living Gallery is an Upstate Easter tradition since 1998. This unique stage production takes masterpieces of art, like da Vinci’s Last Supper or Michelangelo’s Pieta, enlarges the art to life-size, and fills the work with live models. There are only two other similar productions in the country, both in California; the best known is the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.  

Each year is different, but the program combines original drama, special choral and orchestral arrangements, and breathtaking live portrayals of classic works of art to celebrate the story of Christ’s life and work.

A team of talented artists and technicians spend hundreds of hours creating the sets, costumes, make-up, and lighting required to produce the larger-than-life artwork—a modern application of the Renaissance tableau vivant.  The Living Gallery will change the way you think about Easter and about art.

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