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Museum on the Move Reviews

“The instructor was very hand-on with the students. It was a wonderful lesson which truly engaged all members of the class. Students enjoyed the interactive lesson – dancing, art, visual aids, and hands on materials. Making of the clay artifact which went with the lesson, discussion, and visual aids. Our presenter was amazing. It was obvious that she loved what she did and was very enthusiastic. She interacted with students very, very well. It was a wonderful lesson and very appropriate for the unit taught. Students asked more complex and deeper questions during the lessons taught after the visit. They were very interested in the unit.” (Cynthia Brown, 6th Grade Social Studies, Blue Ridge Middle School)

“All examples were explained and the whole lesson aligned with the SC standards. Also, all students were engaged. Even the teacher!!” (Laura Hervey, 6th grade teacher ELA, Mauldin Middle School)

“We loved having the educators here with us. The students really enjoyed themselves, and learned some valuable things. This lesson reinforced the previous lessons we had learned about the Renaissance, plus much more! Excellent. Great job! The students were completely involved! The staff at BJUMG are always great to work with! Terrific value! Students love it every year!  Thanks so much! ” (Dick Mitchell, 7th grade teacher, Southside Christian School)

“I really enjoyed the MoM experience. The lesson was valuable to the students and the activities encouraged student participation. The teachers did a great job interacting with the students, and their enthusiasm for the content was clear. I hope to have them back.” (Ben Whitley, 6th Grade Social Studies, Fisher Middle School)

“These two are such wonderful educators! Right now they are sitting down with my smallest class to do the art activity along with the kids and getting to know them as they work. 🙂 Jessi has done a FANTASTIC job presenting. I know that she and Ruthie must have spent so much time preparing this lesson — and tailored completely for my students! I wish I had invited M&G to the class room prior to every one of our field trips these last few years! Surely my students will get more out of the tour next Friday after this “preview” lesson today. You all do excellent work, and we greatly appreciate your commitment and generosity.” (William Pouch, High School Spanish, Brashier Middle College Charter High School)