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ArtBreak 2023-2024: Lunch & Lecture Program

ArtBreak: The Past Meets the Present

From Egyptian pyramids to Roman colosseums, from Medieval stained glass to Fabergé jewels, from Renaissance frescos to 19th-century oil paintings—these artistic innovations from the past continue to provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the present. Join us as we explore how classical themes, motifs and styles are re-discovered and interpreted in our modern age.

Dates: 2nd Tuesdays at Noon, during academic year

Location: The Davis Room, Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common on the campus of Bob Jones University

Parking: reserved spaces will be available in M&G’s parking lot.

Note: Rather than box lunches, Aramark Catering will provide a Deli Bar with the following spread: sliced oven-roasted turkey, roasted beef, and ham, and tuna; a cheese and relish tray; a variety of baked breads and rolls, two green salads, chips, assorted cookies, and beverages.


  • Member without lunch: FREE
  • Member with lunch: $15.00
  • Non-member without lunch:  $6.00
  • Non-member with lunch:  $17.00

Registration: click on the dates below to register.

Fall Lectures:

October 10: More than a Fragment

Register by Noon on Tuesday, October 3.

Jean O’Reilly Barlow, founder and creative director at Interi, will share how she preserves and transforms Italian fragment artifacts with natural specimens, artistic methods, and contemporary interpretations–creating truly unique works.

November 14: The Continuing Artistry of Light, Color, and Composition

Register by Noon on Friday, November 3.

M&G’s Donnalynn Hess and Erin Jones team up again to reveal how the Old Masters’ creative innovation is visible in modern times.

December 12: A Glimpse into the World of Appraisals

Register by Noon on Friday, December 1.

Christopher Zydowicz, professor of cinema and film by vocation and appraiser (even creator) of fine art and objects as a diversion, will provide a glimpse into the world of appraisals and his skillful re-designs of worn and overlooked treasures from the past.


Spring Lectures:

February 13: Storied South Carolina Silver

Register by Noon on Friday, February 2.

Dawn Corley, the Charleston Silver Lady, returns with objects from her beautiful silver collection, linking these meaningful treasures from the past and stories of their former owners  to our experiences today.

March 12: From Clay to Bronze: An Artist’s Journey

Register by Noon on Friday, March 1.

Doug Young, a local sculptor, will open your eyes to the fascinating creation process of the planning, design, sculpting, and engineering of bronze sculpture commissions–including a special connection to the 2024 Living Gallery.

April 16: A New Lens in Architecture

Register by Noon on Friday, April 5.

Christian Sottile, architect and founding principal of Sottile & Sottile, will explore the lens that helps us experience beauty in the built environment. The role of the body is central in shaping our perception of buildings and cities. The ancient understandings of Roman, Medieval and Renaissance humanism are reemerging with new insights in neuroscience and the buildings being created today.