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M&G Beginnings

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1965 Gala Opening for M&G

Photo of Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. with symposium speakers from 1965 grand re-opening of the museum in front of the 15th-century painting by Antonio Checchi, called Guidaccio da Imola in gallery 1.

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Symbols in Religious Art: The Four Apostles

In our next few videos Dr. Jones will explore the fascinating topic of symbolism in religious art. In this first segment he’ll discuss those symbols specifically related to the four Apostles.

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Symbols in Religious Art: Prominent Bible Characters

In this second segment, Dr. Jones will explore the attributes of several other prominent Bible characters.

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Symbols in Religious Art: Attributes of the Martyrs

In this video Dr. Jones shares the stories and identifying symbols associated with some of the most “popular” martyrs portrayed in Religious art.

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Symbols in Religious Art: Earthly Saints and Heavenly Spirits

In our 4th installment on this topic, Dr. Jones shares attributes and legends connected with several historical and Biblical figures, including the 5th century church father Jerome of Stridon and the Archangel Michael.

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Baroque Art: Introduction

In our next few videos, M&G’s founder Dr. Bob Jones Jr. will share his expertise on the Baroque period which followed Mannerism and is known for a range of dramatic styles.

Baroque Art: Prominent Schools

Last time Dr. Jones noted that many Baroque painters belonged to specific “schools of art.” In this segment he will continue his discussion of the Bolognese School, highlighting Domenico Zampieri. He will also introduce three other prominent painters from the Roman School.

Baroque Art: Stylistic Scope

In this segment Dr. Jones begins with two works—one from the beginning and another from the ending of the Baroque period—helping us discern characteristics that illuminate the era’s stylistic scope.

Baroque Art: Conclusion

In this segment, Dr. Jones will share some concluding thoughts about this wonderfully diverse era in art history.