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M&G at Upstate Renaissance Faire

M&G at the Upstate Renaissance Faire!

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2023

Location: Greer City Park

Admission: FREE

On Saturday, September 9 from 10AM-5PM, M&G will participate in the 3rd annual Upstate Renaissance Faire. Look for M&G’s tent to enjoy special activities for your family! Learn more about the Faire schedule, location, and offerings here.


For Kids (pre-K to 12th grade): Exploring the Renaissance

Location: M&G’s tent near Greer City Hall

Curious kids will explore the Renaissance through art by embellishing a mask, becoming Leonardo da Vinci in crafting his parachute invention and mirror writing with a quill, or becoming a scribe by illuminating a manuscript or designing a coat of arms. Plus, take a photo at our selfie stations and more!

Admission: Free



Mario Balassi

St. Margaret

Mario Balassi

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