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The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Gentlemen

Museum exhibitions are a wonderful way to explore the context of the art and artifacts of an era. In 2015 the Museum & Gallery showcased a variety of Victorian paintings and objects in Charles Dickens: The Continuing Victorian Narrative.  Over the next several segments Erin Jones will provide a virtual “tour” of that exhibition’s vignettes. We’ll also highlight several of the era’s influential (and colorful!) personalities connected to these vignettes.



Symbols in Religious Art: Representations of Deity

In our final Symbols in Art segment, Dr. Jones sums up how the study of religious art can bring “beauty, knowledge, and culture into our lives.”

Symbols in Religious Art: Earthly Saints and Heavenly Spirits

In our 4th installment on this topic, Dr. Jones shares attributes and legends connected with several historical and Biblical figures, including the 5th century chruch father Jerome of Stridon and the Archangel Michael.


Symbols in Religious Art: Attributes of the Martyrs

In this video Dr. Jones shares the stories and identifying symbols associated with some of the most “popular” martyrs portrayed in Religious art.

Symbols in Religious Art: Prominent Bible Characters

In this second segment, Dr. Jones will explore the attributes of several other prominent Bible characters.

Symbols in Religious Art: The Four Apostles

In our next few videos Dr. Jones will explore the fascinating topic of symbolism in religious art. In this first segment he’ll discuss those symbols specifically related to the four Apostles.

The Life of Martin Luther

500 years ago, everything changed because of one man, Martin Luther. Learn more about the man: his life, his education, and key turning points.


What does it take to restore and preserve an Old Master painting? Bill Brown and Noelle Ocon from the North Carolina Museum of Art help unravel the mystery.

The Charleston Silver Lady

Dawn Evers Corley says, “Owning a piece of antique silver is like owning a moment in time.” Watch the video to learn about one such “moment.”

Frederic James Shields: The Pre-Raphaelites

Watch this video to learn how Dr. Karen Rowe “reads” one of the most intriguing works in our Museum & Gallery collection.