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Martin Luther: The Bubonic Plague

This month’s video, also from M&G’s Luther exhibition, highlights the impact of the Bubonic Plague on the great reformer and his culture.

Joseph: The Favored Son

Enjoy this beautiful portrayal of the story of Joseph as told through the Museum & Gallery Collection.


Click here to view a video story of Moses.

Moses: The Hope of Israel

Enjoy this view of the life of Old Testament leader, Moses through paintings found in M&G’s collection.

Click here to view a video story of Joseph.

The High Renaissance: Raphael

The period between 1500 and 1520 is known as the High Renaissance. During this brief time Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo transformed the art world. In our next three segments we’ll look briefly at the contributions of this amazing triumvirate.

The High Renaissance: Leonardo da Vinci

If Raphael’s paintings reflect the philosophic concepts and artistic tastes that shaped the time, Leonardo’s life and work highlight technical innovations that would take western art to a while new level.

The High Renaissance: Michelangelo

Michelangelo is an intriguing contrast to the mercurial Leonardo. Discover the differences in our final video on the High Renaissance.

The Brownings: Part 1

In 2015, M&G produced a series titled Love to Learn Cafe which allowed educators to share a favorite subject. English professor, Dr. Rhonda Galloway chose the Brownings–two Victorian poets whose love story is almost as famous as their poetry.  In Part 1, she explores Elizabeth’s background.

The Brownings: Part 2

In Part 2 (of 2 segments), Dr. Rhonda Galloway continues by introducing Robert Browning and highlighting how his courtship with Elizabeth began–a courtship that grew into a celebrated love story and a happy marriage.

Why Do We Create?

Enjoying and valuing treasures of art are essential to the human experience. In our next three segments we’ll hear from a variety of people who discuss their artistic observations and experiences—beginning with their thoughts on why we create.


Why Do We Collect?

In this month’s segment on enjoying and valuing art, our participants share their thoughts on why we collect.