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Second President of BJU

In 1931, Dr. Bob Jr. began teaching, became Vice President, and served as Acting President when his father was away. As such, he served on the College Board, presided at faculty meetings, organized and administered the school’s academic, social, and cultural programs, greeted campus guests, and traveled hundreds of miles in preaching engagements. When the school moved to Greenville, he was responsible for planning, designing and building the new university plant. On May 19, 1947, the Board of Trustees elected Dr. Bob to be the President of the school, and under his leadership the University became widely recognized for its academic programs, spiritual fidelity, and cultural richness. His cultural program for the school contained seven elements: discipline, Vespers, Artist Series, drama, opera, cinema and the Collection of Sacred Art. He served as President until 1971, when his son, Bob Jones III, took the office, and Dr. Bob Jr. became Chancellor.