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Homeschool Days Activity Sheets: 2023-2024

Below are the Activity Sheets for M&G’s American Masters series for Homeschool Days 2023-2024 academic year.


September: Benjamin West: The Father of American Painting

Click HERE to access the elementary pdf.  Click HERE to access the Middle School pdf

October: Dave the Potter: Poetry in Clay

Click HERE to access the elementary pdf.  Click HERE to access the Middle School pdf

November: Louis Comfort Tiffany: Innovator of the Decorative Arts

Click HERE to access the elementary pdf.  Click HERE to access the Middle School pdf

February:Grandma Moses: America’s Folk Artist

Click HERE to access the elementary pdf.  Click HERE to access the Middle School pdf


Homeschool Days: 2023-2024


American Masters

Join us monthly as we take a closer look at master artists from America! Ranging from colonial days and classical painting to the birth of modernism in the early twentieth century, students (ages 5-14) will be exposed to a variety of artists, styles, and media. Each 75-minute lesson is interactive and includes a related art activity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover more about our country’s diverse creative heritage!

Parent attendance is optional. Review our FAQs, which cover arrival and even co-op questions.

Registration: Register HERE for 2nd semester lessons

Location: Mack Building (on the campus of Bob Jones University)

Electronic Activity Sheets: to access these FREE resources for further lesson exploration, visit HERE.

Fees per Lesson: Children–$8.50; adults–$3

Event fees are non-refundable. Adults may choose either to attend with their child(ren) or leave after student check-in for the 75-minute lesson.


Elementary School Lessons (K5-5th grade)

Thursday at 10AM and 2PM (March sessions are FULL)

Friday at 10AM, Noon, and 2PM (ONLY Noon sessions are available in March & April)

Middle School Lessons (6th-8th grade)

Friday at 10AM, Noon, and 2PM

Second Semester Topics:

February 8, 9

Grandma Moses: America’s Folk Artist

March 7, 8

Norman Rockwell: Illustrator of Small Town America

April 4, 5

Georgia O’Keeffe: The Mother of American Modernism

Digital Homeschool Days

M&G Digital Homeschool Days: The Age of Antiquity

For Students ages 5-14

Join us for an exploration of ancient tombs, palaces, caves, and libraries in search of some of the secrets of the ancient world of art. Through engaging digital lessons and at-home art projects and activities, you’ll discover what contributions were made to art and culture by seven influential civilizations of the distant past.

Register HERE for the following digital lessons and resources:

  • Sumer: Ingenious Innovators (FREE Lesson & Resources to sample)
  • Assyria: The First Empire
  • Babylon: The Jewel of Mesopotamia
  • Egypt: From Tombs to Treasures
  • Hebrew: A Chosen People
  • Greece: Paving the Way for the World of Art
  • Rome: Expansion & Influence