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Digital Homeschool Days

M&G Digital Homeschool Days: The Age of Antiquity

For Students ages 5-14

Join us for an exploration of ancient tombs, palaces, caves, and libraries in search of some of the secrets of the ancient world of art. Through engaging digital lessons and at-home art projects and activities, you’ll discover what contributions were made to art and culture by seven influential civilizations of the distant past.

Register HERE for the following digital lessons and resources:

  • Sumer: Ingenious Innovators (FREE Lesson & Resources to sample)
  • Assyria: The First Empire
  • Babylon: The Jewel of Mesopotamia
  • Egypt: From Tombs to Treasures
  • Hebrew: A Chosen People
  • Greece: Paving the Way for the World of Art
  • Rome: Expansion & Influence

Homeschool Days: 2022-2023

The Renaissance Revealed

Old traditions were replaced with new ideas during the diverse span of the Renaissance (1400-1600). Join us monthly in recognizing notable lives that shaped the modern world. Through an interactive, 75-minute lesson and related art activity, students 5-14 will discover the lasting impact these individuals left on history, science, thought, and, of course, art!

Each lesson is open to both elementary and middle school students. Parent attendance is optional. Review our FAQs, which cover arrival and even co-op questions.

Location: Mack Building (on the campus of Bob Jones University)

Time: one Thursday and Friday, monthly at 10AM and 2PM

Fees per Lesson: Children–$8; adults–$3

Register for Fall (first semester) lessons here.


First Semester Topics:

September 1, 2–Giotto: Gifted Artist

October 13, 14–Brunelleschi: Engineer of the Impossible

November 10, 11–The Medici: Patrons of the Renaissance


Second Semester Topics:

February 9, 10–Martin Luther: Fervent Reformer

March 9, 10–Michelangelo: Illustrious Master

April 20, 21–Shakespeare: Playful Playwright


Specialized Focus Tours (for adults)

Cultural Discovery Tours (for K-12 students)

The following tours are available for groups of at least 10 or more by reservation only according to scheduling availability. Tours are 45 minutes in length. Schedule at least two weeks in advance. Request tours HERE. 


Students (K5-12): educational discounts are available

Adults (College age and above): $5 per person

Note: There is a non-refundable reservation fee to book your tour.


Luther’s Journey: Experience the History 

Gustafson Fine Arts Center, campus of Bob Jones University

For adults and students (6th-12th grade)

This focus exhibition features paintings from M&G’s internationally respected Old Master collection.  Tour the exhibit and take a closer look at the man, Martin Luther, by understanding more about his life’s circumstances in the 1500s—a plague circling Europe, the scarcity and inaccessibility of books, the normalcy of illiteracy, and the exacting authority of church and state. Luther’s life journey reminds us that ordinary people can be used by God to inspire extraordinary and enduring change.


Benjamin West: The Father of American Painting

War Memorial Chapel, campus of Bob Jones University

For adults and students (3rd-12th grade)

From an aspiring artist in rural Pennsylvania plucking the hairs of his cat’s tail for a home-made paintbrush to working as History Painter to the King of England during the Revolutionary War, Benjamin West led a remarkable life of influence, and his paintings detail his story of amazing opportunities! Tour this monumental collection of paintings commissioned by King George III and discover their significance in history.

Request tour HERE or call for more information: (864) 770-1331

Homeschool Days Digital Lesson: Vincent Van Gogh, Impasto Pioneer

We wanted you to be able to finish the academic year with the final lesson about Vincent Van Gogh in our Artists in Focus series!  Click on the video to begin.

Be sure to reference the Van Gogh Activity Sheets on our website here. 

Homeschool Days FAQs

Lessons are hosted on the campus of Bob Jones University in the former Mack Library, which is now called the Mack Building.


Like last year, M&G will combine both elementary and middle school lessons for each of the monthly sessions! Your elementary and middle school child/ren will have varying degrees of difficulty for their art projects, but they will be learning together.


Please contact us in advance of registering. An M&G educator will listen to your child’s needs and determine how we can best serve your child with the teaching and projects. You can reach us at or (864) 770-1331.


M&G does not serve any snacks during Homeschool Days. However, if your child has a food allergy, please let us know on the online registration form. And, we would encourage you to send a suitable snack with your child, if necessary.


Please plan to park in the Mack Building parking lot. M&G will have signage leading you to the Mack Building and reserved spaces in the lot. The parking spaces with cones are reserved for you. If needed, you can find printable campus directions here.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the lesson. There is no carline, so in your planning please allow a few minutes to park and walk your child/ren inside the facility for check-in.


There is no carline. Each child must be accompanied by a parent or assigned guardian at both check-in and at pick-up. This is for your child’s safety, and it will help the M&G staff members to verify the information and identity of each parent/guardian before releasing your child/ren at the end of the lesson.


Whether or not you attend with or bring your own student, each child must be accompanied by a parent or assigned guardian at check-in and at pick-up. This is for your child’s safety, and it will help the M&G staff members to verify the information and identity of each parent/guardian before releasing your child/ren at the end of the lesson.


M&G is only offering 4 monthly lesson times this academic year. If you organize a co-op group and are interested in participating, please contact us at or (864) 770-1331 for possible coordinating and scheduling your group to join one of the monthly lesson sessions. Thursdays are usually the best day to schedule co-op group attendance. We can’t guarantee that your group can be together, but we will do our best to work with you and the available sessions.