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Whatsoever Things Are… Honorable: The Good Samaritan

While the lives of real people are incredibly inspiring, so are stories with a poignant purpose, like this well-known parable.


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Whatsoever Things Are… Honorable: Ananias Restores Sight to Saul


Although much is written about the Apostle Paul, little is known of the courageous prophet who, at the Lord’s command, restored Paul’s sight.


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Whatsoever Things Are… True: St. Paul


St. Paul, known as the Apostle to the Gentiles, was a passionate personality whose ardent zeal is well documented in Scripture. It is also beautifully captured in the nuances of this Mannerist work.


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Giovanni Antonio Bazzi: Procession to Calvary

At the dawn of the 16th century Mannerism was gaining in popularity. Even noted Renaissance painters like Raphael began to mirror the style, but it was the Sienese painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi who would push the mannerist vision even further.

Francesco Cavazzoni: Legend of the Finding of the True Cross

The refinement of High Renaissance art motivated mannerist painters like Francesco Cavazzoni to explore other avenues of expression. Legend of the Finding of the True Cross provides an intriguing example.

Northern Mannerism: The Martyrdom of Peter

This intriguing painting of Peter’s martyrdom highlights the Northern painters’ penchant for fantastic backgrounds.