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Membership FAQs

Your gift supplies ongoing support to our work while we’re closed as we continue to preserve and promote the collection and plan and provide educational programming for all ages.


Your membership benefits you by giving you discounts off certain M&G events, access to special programming, and reciprocal privileges at participating museums.


The collection is placed on loan in multiple locations on campus and around the world; these locations are constantly changing. You can see where objects are on view here and where objects are on loan here.


M&G offers discounts for certain events like Artbreak and Kids Create!, plus we’ll be hosting special lectures, tours, and receptions throughout the next two years that your membership covers.


Since M&G is closed. We’re extending to all new and renewing members at the point of membership submission an M&G Membership effective until the start of construction on the new museum or the new membership program is announced, whichever last occurs. All current members will be given the chance to become Members of the new M&G before the general public.


Individual and Dual/Family Membership levels are not considered tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.


M&G Membership

Not only are you receiving some enjoyable benefits, but your support is making it possible for M&G to continue as a valuable resource to the community by providing educational opportunities for teachers, students, and children and the necessary funding to preserve and improve its collection.

Choose between Individual or Family/Dual membership levels, and pick one that best suits your interests.

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New/Renewing Members:

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